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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Enlarging the photos destroyed some of the contrast. The blog site said they offer a slide show but it looks as if I had to change the way my page looks to accomplish that--I'm not sure. Someday I may try that.

But for today, just imagine the pictures about 300 percent better than what you see below. I may put them on e-mail once more. Now to finish my annual Thanksgiving story finished.

Thanks for stopping by for coffee.


Barb said...

I think they are wonderful. You really have the eye and the other skills.I nearly could smell that water in the "lazy River" picture, and I know exactly how it's going to feel when the cold hard ground hits that guy's tailbone. The red clouds are gorgeous.

mig said...

It's been along time since I visited the Cafe. Thanks for the invite! Hope all is well, the photos were fantastic! Happy Thanksgiving.

Ms RightWing's Ink said...

Thanks. I think if I figure out how to put Pisca onto my blog, then people could really see my work. I so want to convey the beauty of God's creation to others

Hawkeye® said...

Great pics! You certainly are talented Ms RW! I wish I could take pictures like that.

But I see what you mean about the enlarging. As you enlarge the photo, the pixels become more obvious. There is a way to overcome this problem (somewhat). I use a free program called Irfanview which you can download HERE.

When you want to enlarge a photo, go to "Image" in the menu bar and hit "Resize/Resample". Set the filter for "Lanczos". I think this will give you the best results. You can also play with the other options there to compare results.

You are still limited in how large you can go before the picture starts to look fuzzy and grainy. When that happens, you can go to "Image" and then "Sharpen". It will help a bit, but it also introduces some "noise". You can also do a lot of other things with this progam like convert from one format to another, enhance colors, etc.

Nothing's perfect, but for free, this is a GREAT little program. I use it all the time.

(:D) Best regards...

Ms RightWing's Ink said...

Thanks Hawkeye, I will look into that. When I enlarge them here at home I don't get those problems, it is mostly on the blog because I have to manually enlarge them.

I will look at the program along with Pisca who will put the pics into a slide show. Just have to get my Thanksgiving story done first.

Beerme said...

Wonderful pictures, as usual!
Thanks for the view.
Have a happy Thanksgiving!

camojack said...

Great stuff! Could I cajole you into emailing the originals?