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Friday, January 11, 2008


As I slowly work my way through the editing process of my next story, I thought I would return to the Cafe and brighten things up a bit with photos from my All Aboard Amtrac trip taken nearly 10 years ago.

When you start your trip from Chicago's Union Station on the Empire Builder or head out west on Rt 66, most folks like to stop at Lou Mitchell's for a hearty breakfast (and ladies, we get free Milk Duds). The photos stop at Union Station--though I stopped in LA, from whence I started.

What we see is a hodge-podge of the great plains, Glacier National Park and the Pacific Ocean. I should have placed them in order, but, eh, who cares. I hope you enjoy the pictures and as always, they look much better full size. You can see the reflection of the Vista Dome windows in some. I worked hard to remove most of that particular problem, though one is a dramatic reflection of person and train. I left that one alone

P.S. I discovered if you click on the photo it will become full size. At least on my computer. I did not know that. Hope it works on your computer also.

More photos to be released soon.


camojack said...

The pier...Santa Monica?

Ms RightWing's Ink said...


I don't remember if it was Monterey or Santa Monica. So many piers, so little time.

Actually, that was not an Amtrak picture, but I liked it to much (both versions) to not include it in the gallery.

Monterey was a favorite hideout for me as was dining on the pier in Santa Barbara. So nowadays I kick myself for not labeling all my photos.

Beerme said...

Great EyE, Ms. RW!

conserve-a-tips said...

You are just awesome with a camera!!

Hawkeye® said...

Like Beerme said, you have a Great Eye Ms. RW. Maybe I can borrow it someday when you're not using it?

(:D) Best regards...

Ms RightWing's Ink said...

Thanks to all of you who came to the art show. I have more pictures but I messed up my DVD drives so I have quit scanning for now.

It is funny, but I was not happy with a lot of these photos until I redid them on the computer and made them look like what I hoped they would look like to begin with. One hour photo shops destroy good pics, but that is all that is left for us film users. I still say they are better than digital.

dlyn said...

Wow - gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful photos MS. RW.
A couple of them look very similar to my neck of the woods in Eastern WA but then again we look like a lot of places.