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Sunday, December 21, 2008


If you, as a regular reader notice the last two posts missing--fear not, it was not a work of the CIA.

Now that elections are over, an inner circle of sneaky corporate board members decided to resume a politically friendly blog. My desire is to offend only those on the highest end of the touchy feely scale therefore friends on both sides of the political spectrum can enjoy visiting the cafe, and of course, partaking of my delicious pie and mouth watering coffee.

Mouth watering coffee, hmm that sounds absolutely odd.

I promise not to be so slack with my labors here at the cafe in this upcoming year. More stories, more art, more pie. Heck, we can all live with that.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of good old humorous Scandinavian Christmas songs by Yogi Yorgesson, offensive only to those whose family legacy may have been beaten to a pulp by the Vikings. Sadly my father's family tree did this horrific act of violence to my mother's Celtic tree. So this may be the answer to my inner turmoil, which of course only brings out the artist in me. Is not that the way it is suppose to work, you know the tortured artist mental thingy.

I Yust go Nuts at Christmas

The Christmas Party

Stan Freeberg's Christmas Dragnet (You may have to search U-Tube for that one because the address hasn't been working for me.)

Live large and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Micheala--owner and dishwasher of Shelly's Cafe (and the only sneaky
corporate board member)


Hawkeye® said...

Hello Shelly,

Hope you had a good Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year.

(:D) Best regards...

Nylecoj said...

Hi Shelly!
Glad to see a post. Perhaps I should make a similar resolution about my blog but I would probably just break it. I am looking forward to more of your great stories and pictures whenever you may post, and the pie.
mmm pie

camojack said...

A new long last!

It's been almost a month for me, but my "confuser" has been experiencing technical difficulties. It's all better now, but I've been working every day since that happened...

Ms RightWing's Ink said...

Thanks for the kick backs (dangerous terminology these days). As soon as my lungs get better I have a few stories I need to pound out.

Good to hear from the trimembers.

Pistolmom said...
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