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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The rescuing of my priceless manuscripts has taken four days, but I, at long last, have put all of Shelly's Cafe articles in a safe hiding place. After Possumtrot's harrowing article about losing all of his hard work to Google's takeover, I knew the clock may have been ticking away.

I must admit it was a pleasant stroll down memory lane, quickly scanning 76 articles and stories, and hopefully the cheap entertainment will continue. Right now, and not to mimic Michael J Fox, my MS is kicking butt and hopefully, soon, the evil lurker will be re-contained.

January 23 of this year the first article was put on Shelly's and what had the most reader's response? Much to my surprise it was the "I Will Kill Bambi II" article, where I threatened to eat the little critter (and even published a recipe) if my readership did not increase.

Not being a person who tends to resort to violence, I quickly had to devour the poor darling in the privacy of my home since I did not reach the desired 50 readers. Then there were the followers of some Judo style group who disliked my use of their name in a satire.

All in all there has been a fairly good split in stories and satire. Will this all continue? Well only your Google can tell

Hope to see you all back soon.


conserve-a-tip said...

Congrats on saving your work and don't feel too badly about eating Bambi. More then likely, you ate his mother and Bambi grew up to be a big, handsome stag, ready to offer his services for progeny. I am just wondering if you used ketchup??

Ms. RightWing, Ink said...


Now what would a meal be without ketchup.

I buy the large industrial size at my local Lowes store

camojack said...

~( 8(|)

MargeinMI said...

And the coffee here is always delicious, too!

Mrs Kajun said...

This note is two-fold.

First,for some time I have wished you knew how much I enjoy your little stories. You are one gifted lady!

Secondly, I am assuming you are referring to saving your blog articles here. If so, could you please email instructions on how to do this to me. Or, at least point me in the direction of one who can tell me how. Maggie has my e-mail address, if you don't.

I understand you may not feel up to this, and I appreciate any help you can provide. If you can.

BTW, I still say a prayer for you each day. I hope you will be better soon.

Mrs. Kajun

Hawkeye® said...

I started saving copies of my articles when I thought about moving from Google to another blog. It was too much like work to actually make the change, but I still make copies of everything I write on my hard drive. Of course, if that crashes... oh well.

(:D) Regards...

Maggie said...

Shelly,I'm home.

Ms. RightWing, Ink said...

maggie, mrs kajun

Sorry I haven't read my mail because of my eyesight, but today is better. I use Corel Word perfect but I am sure Windows Word or any other word proccesing program would work.

I just drag my mouse hit copy then paste onto Corel. I put about 15 stories on each page then save under blog stories 1, 2 etc.

The stories return to the format they were printed on, not like the blog page.

Now, I haven't got them onto disc yet but that is my next head scratcher. Many of my stories are on a Zip drive which was popular when I bought my first computer in the late 90's but Zip drives are now gone and I haven't figured out how to get them back again.

Anonymous said...

You spoke in an earlier post here about your writing aspirations .... in light of that, you should check out

You may well find out that could offer you some hitherto unknown opportunities.

From one of your "not most favorite scrapplers " :-)