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Sunday, September 30, 2007


I have been putting a ton of photos--some new some old onto the computer. I wonder if perhaps I should have sent these e-mail, but I hope the quality is as good on the Cafe wall.

The moth, bee, flamingo, tiger and weed seed are new. The flamingo was a paint shop trick. The pond with the deep blue reflection grabbed my attention in California. The Mallard swam around in our local lake. The rest are just shots.

Notice the dew in the flower, the proboscis on the bee and the top picture, in the tangle of weeds there is a little puddle of blue--one of my favorites



hankmeister said...

Thanks, Ms RightWing. Very relaxing and wonderful photos. I used to be a photographer for a national student newspaper back in the 1970s and even did my own B&W and C-41 color processing as an amateur photographer during the same period. It's way cheaper now to simply let the mini-photo labs process the negatives and do the prints.

I use a lot of my photographic knowledge in some of my video "productions" ... and of course when I go on vacation. Simply having a steady camcorder on a monopod and properly framing the subject/landscape can make one look like a professional. You oughta see my Yellowstone National Park stuff ... well for you it might result in some zzzzzzzzzzzzzs. You know, the Vacation Photo Syndrome. But when I sent a copy on DVD to my dad he said it was as good as anything he's seen about Yellowstone on PBS.

Ms RightWing's Ink said...

Hey, shooting video or photography is a canvas of wonder beyond what normal people see. When I shoot, film for me, most time I am looking beyond the normal eye. It is to bad the blog did not show the real beauty of the pic's.

My Nikon broke and needs someone to fix it. It took an unfortunate fall at Face 2 Face, so I have been on the Internet looking for a camera doctor. It didn't break 100 percent there but when it fell the motor went south and unlike cameras of yon' days it does not have a manual rewind.

There will be many more pictures to get on the computer, some great, some only to remind me of events and some, old family photos.

camojack said...

I like a lot of 'em, but McDonald's?!

Beerme said...

Beautiful photos! You have an eye for the shot.

I feel somewhat responsible for the camera as I hit the chair with the door when it fell :-(
Hope you can find a proper camdoctor...

Ms RightWing's Ink said...


That only partially did it in. The rest slowly came to a stand still. I have been on the Internet looking for a close camera Dr, but nothing yet. I hate sending it somewhere where they bill you some outrageous price then your stuck and may never get your camera back

Maggie said...

Beautiful photo art.Tahnk you.