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Monday, October 08, 2007


After hearing there are many children who believe in both Christopher Columbus and Santa Claus, my friend Hagar (with his captured girlfriend) had something he wished to add to such nonsense

"Jag ingen aning varför dem fara Italiensk tänka de upptäckt USA. Tjur skit. Vi sålde lutefisk till indisk och gjord dem känna god!

"I have no idea why those Italians think they discovered America. Bull crap! We sold Lutefisk to the Indians and made them feel good."

After conquering most of the known world, my people like a little R&R. But from behind the bushes a captured Scotsman is heard yelling "Ma 'se do thoil e, Cha toil leam idir sgadan saillte!"

Please, I don't like salted herring! (Gaelic)

For the Norviegans--Uff Da

Pictures taken at the annual Scandinavian Festival at Thousand Oaks, California circa 1997


Barb said...

Vell ,dem Vikings are just more shy and retiring than those show- off Eyetalians. And I'm sorry ,but I really would have plate of Lasagna ,salad and garlic bread, than Lutefisk and Lefse. So I suppose the food is what causes all the Columbus Day celebrations instead of Hagar day
Or maybe HagarDay is the day after Columbus day?

Ms RightWing's Ink said...


Same here. I can't tolerate my own ethnic foods

camojack said...

I like the new "Original Pajama Blogger" picture in your sidebar.

Hawkeye® said...

Today's only Tuesday... I'll get back to you on Woden's-day or Thor's-day.

(:D) Best regards...

P.S.-- Good pics.

Maggie said...

I can't wait to visit my son in Park Rapids and taste Lutefisk.

Ms RightWing's Ink said...


I think you can wait for that. Believe me, there should be no rush for Lutefisk cuisine. But, soon it will be time for Meatball and Lutefisk dinners. Swedish meatballs are good!

Beerme said...

The only reason we don't celebrate Leif Erickson Day is that Leif didn't know where he was going and didn't care!

Columbus was a much bigger politician. He sold the trip on a false premise, got someone else to pay for it and failed miserably, yet he still came out on top. Just like a Democrat!