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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hillary Runs For Microphone As Iraq War Moves Into New Stage

RightWing News, Ink just discovered an upset Hillary Clinton rushed to her office outside the White House this morning after word was released that the largest air assault since the Iraq war began was released upon Sammara.

According to the Pentagon, the bombings dubbed Operation Swarmer, were meant to fry insurgents who have taken up lodgings at several Motel 6's in the area and are believed to be responsible for blowing up Golden Domes.

The operation held tight security so casual bystanders like Ms. Clinton had no pre-warning.

"How am I going to be the next president if I am not privy to such information," she screamed at reporters in a hastily called interview.

Other senators called in to the Clinton Mini White House to voice there disgust.

John Kerry sent a messenger by bicycle stating, "Bush is a cheap two bit killer and I have a plan."

Ted Kennedy said, "What good is our Valarie Plum, Plaim, Pling or whatever her name is if she couldn't grab onto this information."

Another late breaking news item just coming in.

It is being reported that the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles just attacked and destroyed Hillary's Mini White House in what they call Operation, "Aw Shadupa Your Mouth".


onlineanalyst said...

If the Tedster keeps putting in his thumb, he may pull out a Plame, and if Jacques Kerrie takes off his "lucky hat", we may be so distracted by his "better hair" that we won't be distracted by asking what his latest plan is. Hillary can just continue asking, "Who is paying the Bill around here?"

B-B-B-B-Bombs away, suckas

onlineanalyst said...

It appears that Jacques Heinz doubly distracts us. That's to take the attention away from Jay Rockefeller who phoned in the war plan and Feingold who was preventing the electronic intercept with his newest resolution. (Doesn't he know that January 1 occurred several months ago?)

camojack said...

"Operation Aw Shdup Your Mouth."

I hope it's a success...

Kajun said...

Maybe if Motel 6 turned out the lights in the privy they would flush Hillary out of there.

Libby Gone™ said...

First Time poster, long time listener.
Good Work, Mrs. RW!

Ms. RightWing, Ink said...


come back more often. The food here is pretty darn good.

MargeinMI said...


Look out Ms. RightWing--camojack is posting receipes at his site! (shhhhh, don't tell him I told you)

Ms. RightWing, Ink said...

I know Marge. But that is okay. Anyone who boils their food (and stinks up the house) is no threat to great cusine.

Maggie said...

Happy St Patrick's Day to all.

....and Erin Go Braless

Barb said...

Hillary is getting way too much of her information in the privy,that is why it is not worth a...shoot.

JannyMae said...

MsRightWing. You don't boil corned simmer it. That's the key for success!

And what have you got against boiled cabbage??

Ms. RightWing, Ink said...


Just the smell my friend. Cabbage is okay, I like cole slaw and pigs in a blanket. My German neighbors cook too much cabbage. I rather smell cigarettes