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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Secret Home Video Showing Bush Laughing At Katrina Declared Fake

A suspected video showing George Bush, along with several other politicians, wringing their hands over possible crumbling dikes was released by the United Press International and has pajama-clad-bloggers already examining the footage endeavoring to prove the confidence shaking film to be a fake.

UPI released the so-called video showing George Bush wearing a paper sack over his head and mumbling something about the levees breaking and killing off a heck of a lot of blacks.

As the footage continued, a man identified by confused reporters to be Mayor Ray Nagin, was continuously running around the long conference table screaming, "The dikes are breaking , the dikes are breaking, oh my god the dikes are breaking"

Right Wing blog sites all across the continent have signed in stating the video, because of the quality, was not the high tech style camera that a reporter could stick to his lapel, but rather a Super 8 Kodak Brownie Movie Camera likely found in a dumpster by a college fraternity during a beer brawl.

One blog exposed the title of the video, "Curious George Kills Poor People," scrawled on a white board.

"The press never runs a title on their "recently discovered videos", let alone misspelling words," a blogger said in confidentiality. "The title shows a poorly executed P and K. Modern fonts on Internet Explorer do not show these letters in reverse."

The source who revealed the video denied the claims and said the video was shot with a hidden high tech Sony, much like you would find in a science fiction thriller.

"Another thing rather obvious is the Governor of Louisiana, who is throwing succulent kisses in the video, is a voluptuous blond, while Kathleen Blanco is a brunette," the secret blogger said.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said the video "confirms what we have suspected all along, that this so and so low down Administration will do anything they can to hide what really happened." He said the dadburn administration "systematically misled the American people."

Later he asked an aide to get a copy of the hot video, now dubbed "Politicians Gone Wild."

Nagin told reporters he had a "sinking feeling in his gut but some Rolaids would help."

This afternoon's call for another congressional investigation is the three hundred and forty ninth time this year the Democrats have called for an impeachment.

"I know where this is going," Carl Rove said. "Pretty soon someone will blame me for passing this video on to the press, well I'm here to say it wasn't me, but I might know who did," Rove said with a sly smile.

Bloggers also felt skeptical when someone who looked like Jack Abramoff was seen whispering into the paper bag placed over Bushes head.


onlineanalyst said...

Are you certain that this video does not reveal the Rovian plans to blow up the levees? Word has it that Sean Penn's filmographers are able to document the truth to his powerboat facts about the sinking of NO into a quagmire of melted chocolate, all by the long-reaching arm of Bush.

Unnamed Crawford, TX, sources indicate that Bush was more engaged with that bush-hog Sheehan blighting the local neighborhood to concern himself with the laughs generated by the-sky-is-falling-rain! Nagin.

Ms. RightWing, Ink said...


That video hasn't been released. It's part of a trilogy called The Liar, The Son of a **** and the War Road.

Maggie said...

Thank God for conservative bloggers because no one would have ever noticed that the voluptuous blond was not Gov.Blanko.Whew!

Kajun said...

Blank-o has been making brags about her getting control of another 6 billion dollars to spend.

Ms. RightWing, Ink said...


maybe she can buy a blond wig. whoopee!

camojack said...

Bush's official response HERE.

Ms. RightWing, Ink said...

Latest update.

What did Blanco not know and when did she not know it.

Remember RightWing News,Ink called it a fraud 24 hours before the media discovered IT WAS.

Blanco now found on the same tape that was available since AUGUST 28 saying the levees were just fine.

Kajun said...

The good news is; we may get rid of The New Orleans Saints now.

Barb said...

With that fresh green 6 million ,Blanko can maybe buy herself some Volupt. She sure needs something.

Kajun said...


That's billion as in Federal Taxpayer Dollars.

Guess who's Campaign manager owns the company that is getting all the good contracts.

Hawkeye® said...

I guess any time Bush is recorded doing or saying something in the White House, that constitutes a "secret home video", eh?

onlineanalyst said...

You ought to share that information to the readers of Scrappleface. The media are not going to make it known because they find it easier to trash Bush, no matter how much assistance he offers with out federal dollars.

Barb said...

Aw Heck Kajun, a Million here 6 Billion there keep it up and you'll be talking about some real money!!