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Friday, April 28, 2006


LINCOLN,NEB–It started to look good for America's automotive future with plans for abundant amounts of clean cheap fuel but that may no longer be the case according to industry leaders meeting this weekend in Nebraska.

Because technical institutes, automotive manufacturers, personal laboratories and foreign competition all have their eyes on hydrogen fuel the future markets have skyrocketed the price of hydrogen gas to over $41 a barrel.

Several years ago hydrogen had little use in the automotive industry but after George Bush asked industrial giants to abandon oil and seek new energy sources there has been an all out attempt by ‘big gas," to find new locations to drill for hydrogen, such as remote areas of Indiana and off shore drilling in Lake Superior.

Scientist believe millions of years of fish dying and falling to the bottom of lakes may create both methane and hydrogen gas.

Professor Dominic Pladowl of Kentucky Tech, said it was long believed that families who lived in and around swamps seen more Unidentified Flying Objects than the national average but likely it was methane and hydrogen gas wells being uncovered where the dogs dug holes to bury their personal assets.

Drilling for new hydrogen has been met with opposition by groups like Nature Against Gas (NAGS) and People Love Oxygen (PLO) who say America will soon be addicted to hydrogen just as they were with oil.

Other market forces have driven up the cost of hydrogen such as China's heavy use of the gas in ammunition factories, peroxide plants and even in some cases, cooking gas.

Pladowl said the use of hydrogen for cooking meals have resulted in horrible consequences for thousands of people around the globe and feels safe heating and cooking with hydrogen is a long way off yet.

NASA said it was releasing one million barrels of hydrogen gas onto the open market in order to stabilize the price.

Mrs. William Clinton D–N.Y. told an audience of highly charged young Latinos that Mexico is full of valuable gas and everyone should go home and start digging.


Maggie said...

Uh.... that would be Mrs.Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Tip for the day:Don't stand in front of a blow torch after eating Spanish food.

Ms. RightWing, Ink said...

Hey, give the lady a free cup of coffee

Kajun said...

I would comment, but I can't spel that green word.

Kajun said...

Or that red one!

onlineanalyst said...

Scientists have abandoned efforts to explore nitrous oxide as a source of energy because the experience left them laughing.

It must have been that Jumping Jack Flash (It's a gas, gas, gas) that sent Keith Richards soaring even higher than the price of hydrogen.

Ms. RightWing, Ink said...


You better watch out or the yodeling percision well drilling team may show up. Now that's a gas


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MargeinMI said...

Good morning, Ms. RW! Put on the coffee, there's a new thread at SF...

camojack said...

"Mexico is full of valuable gas..."

Yes...from all the refried beans.
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Ms. RightWing, Ink said...


Well as I was trying to figure out how to e-mail the name of the story, not the whole blog I stumbled upon the word verification button--so why not?

camojack said...

Ms. RightWing, Ink:
Why not, indeed? I use it, and IIRC, I've recommended it to you's a surefire cure for "spambots".

Barb said...

I can always spell that green word ,I just can't pronounce it. Is that Spanish,Shelly? It always has lots of Diphthongs.