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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Al Gore's Problems Continue To Pelt The Roaming Ambassador

With his Monk Money World Tour vexed by hoards of angry people, Al Gore discovered Minnesota Public Radio has brought a lawsuit against his Internet Television Network program, Current TV

Gore, already bruised and battered because he forgot to a bring a translator, prompting the foreigners to misinterpret his words and causing them to become very angry, now discovered the liberal network he spent millions to create is being sabotaged by another progressive corporation.

M-P-R's lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Minnesota, angrily denounced Gore's corporation based in San Francisco for interfering with the trademark of M-P-R's music station The Current.

M-P-R communications director Jennifer Syltie Johnson said numerous listeners to The Current program are from out of state as well as overseas, not just Minnesota.

The Current broadcasts in the Twin Cities on 89.3 and 88.7 FM, but also is transmitted on the Al Gore's Internet. M-P-R claims Gore's Current causes confusion among potential liberals.

The various Current names can confuse liberals who sit and listen to virtually anything annoying, so many would be confused by Gores, Current TV which offers a chance for amateurs to make home videos and act like they have something important to say.

Spokesfolks from Gore's office in Lake Wotome said there could be no mistaking us for Minnesotans, plus their lawsuit over the name of our lake is also so bogus, it only sounds like Wobegon.

Lake Wobegon is a mythical area created by the once humorous, but now antagonistic Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion Show also broacasted over M-P-R stations.

It is believed by many bewildered people that Wobegon actually exist somewhere between St. Cloud and Alexandria, Mn, by residents who follow the teaching of the Kensington Runestone .

Current should not be confused with currants, which are deciduous, fast growing shrub. The plant is a multiple-stemmed clump, to 5 feet high while The Current and Current TV are more like a noxious weed.

As the standoff continues, think tanks are being called upon to develop a flashy new new name in case Gore loses the lawsuit.

A few titles have been run through the collective minds at Gore's studio such as The Buttermilk Pancake Hour, The Above Average Children's Hour and The Catsup Foundation Show.

"I just think these names are homey and cute but somewhat familiar for some odd reason," said Julia Windpipe, spokefolk for Al Gore's Current TV.

Confused readers may delete this article from their mind.

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mynewsbot said...

Poor Gore

onlineanalyst said...

"...causes confusion among potential liberal listeners"?

Well, since liberal already wallow in a state of confusion, shouldn't they feel at home on that Gore prairie? Then again, maybe Gore was reminiscing over his electroshock therapy when he was inspired to name his latest creation. Readers of your fine news source will want to know if Gore experiences a truth to power outage.

BTW Your reader numbers are phenomenal.

Ms. RightWing, Ink said...

I can't wait to watch this on Court TV. It may out rate Saddam's trial.


welcome and thanks for stopping by

camojack said...

Gore's problems are all in his mind.

Know what I mean?

Maggie said...

Just notice the count for persons visiting your blog,Is that all?

Maggie said...

er that is noticed not notice.

Ms. RightWing, Ink said...


Zeech, I only been in business for a month. I'm trying to catch up, or is that ketchup with Mikey Dee's hamburger sales.

This is not easy since the doctor just upped my pain meds again. I'm beginning to feel like the mad scientist turned blogger


I hope this is my last algore post. It may start rotting to my mind.

camojack said...

Algore; an inventive guy. Mostly inventive with reality...

Kajun said...

Minnesota...The first and (so far)only State to inflict sales taxes on all internet sales in the State.